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How far will she go to become a mother?

Declan Chambers is a hard-nosed businessman with no time for love, marriage, or children. But when he discovers he has a daughter who’s being raised in an abusive home, he decides to fight for custody, even though he knows nothing about kids, especially shy, little girls who refuse to talk to men.

Daycare teacher Abby is drawn to Callie, the new student who was taken away from the only parent she knows.  She doesn’t trust men any more than Callie does, but she feels compelled to help the man who’s struggling with instant fatherhood and protect the child who stole her heart.

But can she protect her own heart when a marriage of convenience promises her the one thing she wants more than anything?


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She was supposed to be the matchmaker, not the bride.


Katie Killian decides to turn her love of matchmaking into a career after she gets the brilliant idea to start a mail order bride service to help the lonely women of Sweet Bay find husbands. But when a meeting with her first client goes awry, she suddenly finds herself legally contracted to marry hard-nosed businessman Max Travers.


Max needs a wife if he doesn’t want to lose his claim of the family bridal business and insists Katie fulfills her commitment, but Katie has some demands of her own.


She might not have planned to use her own services to find a husband, but a happy customer is the best advertisement. The arrangement might be just what she needs to kickstart her business. All she has to do is convince everyone that her polar opposite is her perfect match.


But is she willing to give up on true love for the sake of her business, or could her accidental marriage ever turn into something real?



She has two days to go from first date to fiancée.


Tomboy Georgie Lancaster always knew she could never compete with her perfect sister, Alexandra, so she hid her insecurity behind a gruff attitude, a badge, and gun. But when Alexandra announces her engagement, Georgie can’t deal with the constant comparison and makes up a fake boyfriend to appease her family.


Except she’s never had a first kiss, or even a real date, let alone a fiancé. Now Georgie has two days to find a guy who will pretend to be in love with her.


In desperation, Georgie begs Julian, the shy boy-next-door turned theater director, to put on the performance of his life. In fact, he plays the part so well, Georgie’s at risk of forgetting it’s all for show. 


When Julian discovers the tenderhearted girl behind the mask, he can’t help but fall for her. But can he break through her tough-as-nails exterior and convince her to give real love a chance?

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author of sweet & clean

Rachel Taylor

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