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Billionaire  BOSS

Calvin finally has a second chance with the star of his dreams, but can she ever see more in him than dollar signs?

Layla was destined to be a star, but when her agent dumps her and she's evicted from her apartment, she's forced to admit she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. Desperate for money, she goes back to her home town and applies for the one job that nobody else wants - personal assistant to Calvin Montgomery.

Calvin may be a billionaire business mogul now, but in Sweet Bay, he’s still considered nothing but a no-good Montgomery, especially when he decides to build a tourist resort in the small, secluded, seaside town that wants to stay off the map.

Despite her lack of qualifications, Calvin can’t say no to the girl he's had a crush on ever since he was a poor, bullied teen and she was the brightest star in Sweet Bay. He soon realizes Layla just might be the key to convincing Sweet Bay to embrace his resort.

Layla can’t help falling for her boss when she realizes he's a lot more than just brilliant, handsome, and wealthy. But can she convince him she sees more in him than dollar signs?


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Billionaire CELEBRITY

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A celebrity in hiding, a reporter on his trail. Will she give up her big break to write their love story instead??

Beau Bennett has it all—a billion dollar bank account, movie star good looks, and celebrity status. But none of it satisfies the ache he feels for something more. 


When fledging reporter Cara discovers Beau hiding from a media scandal at the Sweet Bay Resort, she poses as a housekeeper, hoping to get the scoop on the playboy billionaire. If only Beau would cooperate.


Trying to stay out of trouble, Beau finds the meaning that he’s been looking for in small town life and the spunky housekeeper who keeps him company. And Cara finds herself falling for the man who’s more hero than heartbreaker.


But when Cara’s true identity is revealed, will Beau ever trust her again?


Billionaire  ENEMY

Lindsey’s lifelong dream is finally in reach, if her bossy, billionaire business partner doesn’t ruin everything first.

When budding sous chef Lindsey inherits half of an old restaurant, her dream of running her own kitchen might finally come true.  There’s just one small problem.  Billionaire business tycoon Alex Pennington inherited the other half.

Alex recognizes a prime location when he sees it, and the land sitting right next to the Sweet Bay Resort definitely has potential. Alex wants to buy out Lindsey, tear down the dilapidated building, and build a fancy new restaurant catering to the wealthy resort clientele.  But Lindsey isn’t interested in selling her half of the family legacy, no matter how much he offers her, and she’s certainly not willing to let him tear it down.

When things heat up in the kitchen, can these two bullheaded business partners cook up something special together, or are they bound to get burned?

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author of sweet & clean

Rachel Taylor

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